Woman in a field with sun shining upon her. She is working on Past trauma can create emotional blocks and illness in your body. Here are Three Universal Steps to help you on your journal of Emotional Healing.
  1. Pay attention and notice the ebb and flow of the Universe. There is comfort to be found in the consistency and reliability of its natural rhythms; particularly for those of us who experienced an inconsistent and disordered life at home when growing up. There is solace to be found in the certainty of the sun rising every morning and setting every night; in the promise of a new day: 24 guaranteed hours brimming with possibility! There is solace in the scent of freshly brewed coffee, in the refreshing glass or bottle of cold water, and in the ecstasy of listening to a favorite song. Music can be instrumental in healing; and the way to use music for emotional healing is to equate the initial choice of song to your initial mood. In this Era of Coronavirus, perhaps you feel a little tired of the imposed confinement, a little sad for the ill and the suffering, a little anxious about the economy and the future. Start by playing a “neutral energy” song, something slow, maybe a ballad or an adagio if you enjoy classical music. Personally, I enjoy the solemnity of Requiems as they remind me of the certainty of our togetherness as human beings in life and in death. Requiems are powerful witnesses that I am not the only one suffering, that there is a universal quality to it and this in itself lightens up my load and reminds me I am never alone. The next step in musical therapy is to lighten up the mood by listening to a more upbeat song. The fun quality contained in the rhythm of an upbeat melody will stir up the stagnant energy and the dormant joy in you: you instantly feel better! I encourage you to try musical therapy. It works every time. 

  2. Pay attention and notice the unlimited supply of kindness from others and good fortune that you experience every single day. Your commute to work was a breeze this morning; the meeting with your boss was highly positive; you made the correct diagnosis for your patient; perhaps you fixed the error in the computer program for your client in no time! A complete stranger helped you find something you needed at the mall or supermarket with a smile and when you got  home your pet ran to greet you, all love and kisses! Be present and take in all the love that the Universe gifts you with every day.

  3. Pay attention and notice the story you tell yourself. Dr Henry Cloud, leadership expert and psychologist, tells us: “ There is nothing sacred about “the first time around” Because time is experience, we can influence any “past” aspect of ourselves in the present. In the present we can reach the hurting, lonely child of our past. The lonely child, the hurting child, the untrained child, and whoever else we “were” is still alive, he or she is eternal and lives”  Sit with yourself and face the story you tell about yourself; look at it in the eye… Sit with yourself and with whatever Higher Power you believe in, if you happen to believe in one. Take a good look at the core beliefs that you carry within: the opinions, hurtful criticisms; the resentment on behalf of the adults in your life because you existed and demanded time and attention… Those pronouncements of long ago: Do they still accurately define who you are today? Sit with the question for as long as you need. Then, release it to a Higher Power. Acknowledge the following: You are not who they made you feel to be! No life is more important than another! You are worthy of the love you receive every day, in big and small ways! You are unique! There is value in you! There is meaning and purpose in your life. There is no wound that love and self love can not heal and as you heal yourself the world around you is healed. Everything that exists in our reality is based on our beliefs. Once you begin to practice changing your beliefs, your reality will change. Change the story you have been telling yourself and expect miracles! 

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