A Patience person stacking rocks by the sea

Being patient is very tightly woven into the ability to survive the present Pandemic.It is an infallible tool for navigating life but it is not easy!  Patience is hard!

Patience helps develop discernment, albeit indirectly. Time spent waiting for something weeds out our meaningless, superfluous wants and leaves us with the desire for what really matters to us.

Patience makes us grow and evolve as souls. It is a requisite for the Three Great Virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity( compassion) To have Faith is ultimately to be able to wait with hope, and to be compassionate is to actively remember that we are all flawed beings ever deserving of forgiveness and second chances. Being patient with someone is giving them our time …and that, along with giving someone the benefit of the doubt are two of the greatest gifts we can give to others.

Patience is behind every act of perseverance and delayed gratification; patience is the backbone of grit, which gives us the strength to keep fighting and not give up in the face of adversity. 

Sometimes life will make us wait for a long time  before we see our desires come to pass. I can say, with certainty, that I have been better prepared ( both spiritually and intellectually) when some of the things that I longed for showed up in my life because I was made to wait. It is as if life wants to prepare us for the inherent challenges that come with any of its gifts.

In 1984 Director Philip Groning asked the Order of The Carthusians for permission to film them. He was told it was too soon. Perhaps in ten or fifteen years. Sixteen years later came a call from the Grand Chartreuse Monastery. The time had come. Twenty-one years  elapsed between  the  first idea and the finished film: “ Into Great Silence”

“Into Great Silence” not only touches the senses through its magnificent scenery, but it touches the spirit. The testimony given by the Carthusian brothers ( who have lived in silence for the past 935 years) is powerful and moving. 

To be able to partake into the Carthusian ways is a gift made possible through the power of patience: the Director waited 16 years to be authorized to make the film!

Watching this powerful movie is, in itself, an exercise in patience. It is also immensely rewarding. I challenge you to consider it!

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