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Patience is a virtue. A girl relaxed and reading.

Distress Tolerance: a Measure of Personal Growth

You have patiently awaited your turn in line at the store. You are the next customer and the person before you changes their mind and decides to get a “credit
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Both Judgement and Compassion shown to a Women being comforted by her friends.

On Judgement and Compassion

On first impression, the terms “judgement” and “compassion” bear no apparent relationship. The word “judgement” brings two distinct images to mind: that of a courtroom, full of wigged magistrates and
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A woman running . Her exercising has a profound effect on her mental health.

On Healing Through Physical Fitness:
The Art Of Creating Energy

“Fitness can be misconstrued as being very vain and self-centered. But it’s deeper than that. You can overcome and achieve anything with mental fortitude, determination and discipline” F. Akers  Exercise
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A Patience person stacking rocks by the sea

On Patience

Being patient is very tightly woven into the ability to survive the present Pandemic.It is an infallible tool for navigating life but it is not easy!  Patience is hard! Patience
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Woman in a field with sun shining upon her. She is working on Past trauma can create emotional blocks and illness in your body. Here are Three Universal Steps to help you on your journal of Emotional Healing.

Three Universal Steps towards Emotional Healing:

Pay attention and notice the ebb and flow of the Universe. There is comfort to be found in the consistency and reliability of its natural rhythms; particularly for those of
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Women throwing her hands up in prayer in front of the rising sun and asking for courage

On Courage

While many mourn the loss of lives, jobs, savings, trips of a lifetime and much awaited graduation ceremonies alongside beloved friends and companions, we must not lose sight of why
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