For some, the Holiday Season is a time of joy and cheer; of togetherness and celebration. 
For others, the Holidays around the corner  are a source of sadness, regret and a grim reminder of their loneliness. 

How can you navigate a difficult, less than joyful Holiday Season?

1) Cultivate a spirit of gratitude: 

Love is the emotion with the highest vibration, gratitude being a close second. Never forget this: things could always be worse. Always remember to acknowledge Grace. In the words of Eric Butterworth:

“Grace is simply a wonderful facet of the activity of God in you. It is not something you must work for or develop. It simply is. 

It is an assurance, an explanation of why things are never quite hopeless and why we never receive the full harvest of the error we sow, and why we always receive a little more good than we earn.”’

2) Reach up to The Creator

Reach up to God, the Source of Infinite Potential, of Infinite Love… Reach up not only to give thanks but to ask for inner peace, for guidance and for direction.
God never fails!

3) Reach out to others 

We all have special, individuals talents. But there is one talent that we all share; and it is the most precious one: the ability to make someone else feel better. Mother Theresa said: “ Do small things with great love”
In some instances, we will never know the extent of one small act of kindness, be it a smile, a word of recognition, a word of support. Sometimes your words or small act of kindness will have kept someone from falling into deeper despair or from drowning in greater sadness; and then you will have saved them because you reached out and gave of your highest talents: empathy, compassion and love.

Everything is energy. The energy of Gratitude is protective and is the foundational energy for all emotional growth and elevation. Change your energy and your mood will instantly change; so will what you attract into your life. 

Change your energy and you will be able to give more to others. You will be so full of life and love that you will want to share your joy: and the joy that you share will always come back to you… it always does!

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